This page will include my current contact information. I'm always happy to try to answer coding (or any other) questions, give feedback, listen to feedback, and anything else.

Please keep in mind that certain forms of communication I do not reply to or check as frequently. For example, as of writing this, I do not receive a notification when someone I'm not following on Twitter sends me a direct message, whereas sending me a public message on Twitter always sends a push notification.

Twitter: @char_fish
Email: [email protected]
GitHub: fishcharlie
Stack Overflow: Charlie Fish
LinkedIn: fishcharlie
Instagram: fishcharlie
Keybase: fishcharlie
Medium: @charliefish
YouTube: Charlie Fish
Facebook: fishchar
Bitbucket: fishcharlie

I always love answering questions, talking about technology, or anything else. That being said depending on the volume of messages I have received recently it might take me a bit to get back to you. My goal is if your message seems like it requires a response to reply to every message I receive. Keep in mind that is just a goal and I do have a limited amount of time I can actively answer messages.

I will always attempt to keep this page up to date with all of my latest contact information, as well as my official social networks. That being said there are certain (rare) cases where I will have social media profiles on other sites or other contact information that isn't listed here. If you ever have a question about if a certain social media profile, or other piece of contact information is authentic, owned, and maintained by me please reach out to me using one of the contact methods above. If there is a certain social media profile, or piece of contact information that looks like it could be mine, but is not listed above, and you have not contacted me to verify if it's authentic, assume that it is not authentic until you contact me (using a contact method above) and I have explicitly stated that the given information is indeed authentic.