In 2017 Apple announced a ton of new features. Everything from new versions of iOS and macOS to new hardware like the iMac Pro, HomePod and new iPhone's. Sadly Apple has stumbled almost every step of the way this year. So far almost every thing Apple has done this year has had some type of failure or problem.

It mainly started when Apple released iOS 11, there was a major bug in this software that caused the letter "I" to auto correct to the letter "A" with a question mark. This caused a lot of frustration for customers. Apple patched it in a future update to iOS. Along with that when the iPhone X launched there was a glitch where a sudden drop in temperature (ex. going outside in the cold) would cause the screen to stop working. Then there was the massive bug that let anyone login to a macOS computer using root as the username and an empty password. Oh and don't forget about the glitch that caused iPhone's to restart after December 2nd 12:15am due to a local notification glitch, forcing Apple to release iOS 11.2 at the strangest time of night (something I don't think has ever happened before). Most recently a HomeKit vulnerability was discovered in that latest iOS 11.2 software.

On top of all those glitches the HomePod has been delayed till 2018. The iMac Pro is supposed to launch before the end of the year but the days are counting down with no announcement of when it will go on sale. Apple also hasn't been able to deliver software features. Apple Pay Cash for example (a feature they made sound like would be released in iOS 11) didn't get released until iOS 11.2, although it took a few days afterwards to enable due to them having to rush out the software early (due to that bug mentioned above).

It's normal to have bugs. No software is perfect. But this year has been one struggle after another for Apple. Their software isn't improving, it's taking a step back with more bugs and problems. I believe Apple needs to make changes (maybe starting with Craig Federighi) and explain what they are doing to fix these issues and ensure it doesn't happen again. It truly feels like Apple is falling behind instead of moving forward. Something that in the tech industry you simply can't do.

Oh and did I mention iMessages in iCloud is still no where to be found in iOS 11?