I started this blog in October 2017. So far it has been a super interesting experience. I have set the goal of blogging about every week or so, and so far I have kept up with that goal far better than I expected. Although starting this blog was a cool moment of 2017, launching my application cclipss has also been a very fun experience. It is something that consumed a good amount of my time this year and something I have truly enjoyed. I have also worked on building some super cool open source projects and learned a lot more about coding this year.

My main goals of 2018 are to continue to build new features for cclipss as well as launch at least a new product/service or two. I hope to continue this blog and continue to write about topics that I find interesting.

That all being said I will be breaking my goal of posting about one post every week or so, as I take a winter break and celebrate the holidays and the new year. I plan on returning with some new content starting hopefully sometime in January 2018.

Till 2018!