Recently I published my first super simple macOS application. When publishing through iTunes Connect not surprisingly the one thing I totally forgot about was screenshots. When deploying iOS applications I use Fastlane to automate taking screenshots for my application. I have yet to find a simple way to automate this process for macOS applications.

I decided to login to the macOS guest account to get a super clean screenshot that I can then use Pixelmator to then overlay my application on top of. This ensures that the dock, top bar, desktop, etc. all look clean and are screenshot worthy.

The screenshot is below. Feel free to use it. It was super easy to create and I'm sure it would be just as easy for others to recreate, but just for ease of use sake I thought I would post it below if anyone wanted to use it.

macOS Screen Shot with no windows and time set to 9:41 am.

Now of course there are a few problems with this screenshot. If I were to take an image of just my application window and overlay it on top of that image above the top bar would still say Finder in the top left instead of the applications name, and the application logo won't appear in the dock.

That all being said it seems like the easiest method if you are looking for a quick screenshot and don't want to spend a lot of time taking screenshots and getting them perfect.

Hopefully at some point there will be a system like Fastlane to automate this process for macOS applications.