I built faxdeliver in less than 26 hours. Now I haven't removed time I was sleeping, doing chores and other stuff. So in reality the time I actually spent coding was a lot less than that. But I made a goal to push hard to finish it in a fast time frame.

Before going any further I should say that I launched faxdeliver on April 10th 2018, but I spent this 26 hour or so sprint back in October 2017. The time I spent in between was work I was doing related to testing, security, efficiency, and other optimizations. The base functionality, foundation, design, and features were all built in less than 26 hours tho.

One of the reasons I find this impressive for myself is the fact that I used three new technologies that I hadn't used before. Twilio, React, and Redux. I had spent a lot of time researching these technologies before hand so I knew what I was getting into and what I had to do to be successful at it. But the fact that I was able to jump into a project and use three new technologies that I had never used before is something I thought was very impressive.

The reason I'm writing this post is to stress the importance of dedication. A lot of times I find myself thinking way too much about the ideas. Which is a great thing. But often I spent too much time thinking about the ideas when it would be a lot faster to sit down and start coding.

I also realized that there are a LOT of gains to be made in simplifying the scope and ideas. There is a lot of functionality in cclipss that I built in, that has not even been utilized yet, and now I'm thinking never will be utilized, due to changes in the platform.

I had to future proof my code, while not going overboard and writing code that will never be used. I believe I have now found a pretty good balance between making code future proof and not making it more complex than it needs to be.

There is a lot to be learned about getting up, not being intimidated by a blank page, and just start writing the code. Sometimes getting started is the most difficult but most important thing in life.